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From the Beginning

About us

Sree Amruthaa Oil promoted by the Sanandaa Group manufactures Vegetable Oils (Groundnut (Peanut), Sesame (Gingelly) and Coconut) using traditional marachekku extracting processes.  The oils produced using conventional wooden crusher and cold press method are free of Sulphur and harmful chemicals. The Marachekku extraction process generates minimal heat and keeps all the inherent vitamins and proteins of the oil intact while retaining the pleasant natural aroma and taste.

Sree Amruthaa Oil use handpicked and sun-dried seeds and wooden crusher made of Vagai Tree to produce Groundnut, Sesame and Coconut oil. The cold pressed oils are kept in Natural Sunlight for settling of sediments before supply. Unlike the thin colorless refined oil, the dense Marachekku oils retain all the natural properties such as the anti-oxidants, fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6, live enzymes, and micro-nutrients of the oilseeds. Quality checks deployed at every stage ensure purity and consistency of the oils produced. Sree Amruthaa Oil is currently focused to re-introduce the conventional wisdom to the cooking oil segment in a smarter way.

How it started

At Sree Amruthaa Oil, our vision is to be the most trusted company in the eyes of our customers, communities and people. We strive hard to offer the best, by always keeping Sree Amruthaa Oil chosen values top of mind.

Our goal is to manufacture highest quality oils with strict quality control to deliver pure defect-free natural oil products to our customers. We have installed good manufacturing practice (GMP) certified systems and ISO 22000-2005 standard procedures to ensure manufacturing and supplying of quality oils.



The state of art facility with four (marachekku) wood crusher auto machines specifically designed to extract oil without losing any nutrients and keeps all the inherent vitamins and proteins of the oil in a hygienic condition.




ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety)

FSSAI (No.12417008001353)

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Oil Ranges


Sesame(Gingenly) Oil, Peanut(Groundnut) Oil and Coconut Oil.

Oils chosen are widely in use and will help people grab the essential nutrients and health on the go without making any major change in their cooking pattern.

Sree Amruthaa Sesame (Gingenly) Oil
Sesame oil produced using sesame seeds is known as GOOD OIL (நல்லெண்ணெய்) in Tamil for its awesome health benefits.

  • The oil contains Vitamin K and other essential health nutrients.
  • The Anti-oxidant properties in sesame oil lowers blood cholesterol levels and prevents cholesterol building in blood vessels.
  • It improves the health of the user by increasing the level of mono-unsaturated & poly unsaturated fats in blood.
  • The high zinc content in the oil produces collagen, which helps to repair damaged body tissues and regularly flushes out the toxins from the body. Its high viscosity helps to penetrate deep into skin to keep it nourished.
  • Magnesium and calcium in the seeds helps to relieve stress and the vitamins thiamine and tryptophan assists to produce serotonin that induce good sleep.

Manufacturing of Sesame oil

  • To achieve best aroma and taste we use only high-quality farm fresh and naturally sun-dried Sesame seeds.
  • Traditional Vagai Marachekku wooden crushed used to crush and press Sesame seeds in the oil extraction process generates minimal heat, thus helping to retain natural antioxidants.
  • Palm Jaggery (Karupatti) used as a catalyst in the oil extraction process preserves the natural minerals of Sesame seeds.
  • Extracted oil is preserved in clean containers for two days to allow natural settling process.
  • Hygienic cotton cloth is used to filter the oil before packing into the containers.

Sree Amruthaa Groundnut (Peanut) oil

Groundnut oil produced using chosen groundnut kernels is full of natural antioxidants and good fats. The oil with its inherent nutty flavor cuts down the cholesterol levels and offers good health benefits.

  • The Omega 6 (Linoleic acid) content of the oil improves the blood flow to make one healthy and active.
  • Resveratrol, a polyphenol antioxidant found in the oil acts as a protective agent against heart problems, nerve disease, Alzheimer and cancer.
  • The rich level of MUFA (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) in the oil cuts down bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol in blood.
  • Its healthy ratio of SFA: MUFA: PUFA= 18: 49: 33 offers excellent lipid profile needed by the body.

Manufacturing of Groundnut Oil

  • We use only farm fresh, mature and oil rich ground nuts to manufacture oil.
  • The chosen ground nuts are thoroughly cleaned and Sun dried properly to achieve the right taste.
  • Cleaned and Sun-dried ground nut kernels are crushed and pressed in traditional vagai marachekku wooden crushed with minimal heat generation.
  • No chemicals or cleaning agents are used during the oil extraction process.
  • Extracted oil is preserved in clean containers for two days to allow natural settling process.
  • Fresh and clean cloth is used to filter the oil before packing into the containers.

Sree Amruthaa Coconut oil

Coconut oil is produced using chosen matured coconut meat or kernel. The oil is known for improving brain functions also nourishes user with awesome health benefits.

  • The natural Lauric Acid preserved in the Marachekku produced Coconut oil, improves body immunity to fight infections.
  • Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) found the oil that gets changed to ketones during the digestion process, helps to fight Alzheimer and athletes use it for nutritional support.
  • Traditionally the oil is used for its excellent hair care and skin care properties.
  • Contrary to spread misinformation the coconut oil has approximately 92 percent saturated fat and contains medium chain fatty acids, or Omega-3 fatty acids. It is believed to be better for lowering blood pressure and relieve inflammation of the arteries.
  • The saturated fat in the oil can actually help to boost your high-density lipoprotein, the "good" cholesterol that reduces the chances of heart disease risk.

Manufacturing of Groundnut Oil

For the better taste and aroma, we use only sun light dried coconut meat or kernel to produce oil.

  • Traditional Vagai Marachekku wooden crushed that generates minimal heat is used to crush the coconut meat and produce oil.
  • No chemicals, whitening agents or preservatives are used during the oil extraction process.
  • Extracted oil is preserved in clean containers for two days to allow natural settling process.
  • Fresh and clean cloth is used to filter the oil before packing into the containers.


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